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  • Large Crystal Fused Magnesite
    Large Crystal Fused Magnesite
    Fused Magnesite is produced in electric arc furnace by fusing super grade-A raw magnesite finely selected or granules of high purity caustic calcined magnesite
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  • Common Fused Magnesite
    Common Fused Magnesite
    It is an ideal raw material for producing firebrick and monolithic materials,with the characteristic of big crystal,compact texture,high temperature property and high slag resistance.
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  • High Purity Dead Burned Magnesia
    High Purity Dead Burned Magnesia
    96.5% High purity DBM 97% High purity DBM 97.5% High purity DBM 98% High purity DBM
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  • Caustic Calcined Magnesite
    Caustic Calcined Magnesite
    It is widely used in fields of paper making, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry as well as animal husbandry, refractory, and building material industries, etc.
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  • Dead Burned Magnesia
    Dead Burned Magnesia
    Dead burned magnesia is a chemical substance, refers to magnesite calcined at 1800 C, carbon dioxide completely escaped, magnesium oxide to form a compact brucite block.
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  • Magnesium Carbon Brick
    Magnesium Carbon Brick
    Magnesia carbon brick is a high melting point basic oxide Magnesium Oxide (melting point 2800 C) and high melting point carbon material which is difficult to be embellish by the slag as the raw material, adding a variety of non oxide additives.
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  • Magnesium Oxide Industrial Grade
    Magnesium Oxide Industrial Grade
    The scientific name of light burned magnesium powder is magnesia.It is primrose yellow or white powder.
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  • Fused Magnesia Chrome Clinker
    Fused Magnesia Chrome Clinker
    Fused Magnesia Chrome Clinker is made of first class magnesia and high quality chrome ore concentrates
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  • Middle Grade Magnesite
    Middle Grade Magnesite
    Middle Grade Magnesite is made from caustic calcined magnesite with MgO above 95% through processes of briquetting,sintering in shaft kilns at high temperature.
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  • Caustic Calcined Magnesite Ball
    Caustic Calcined Magnesite Ball
    Caustic Calcined Magnesite Ball Description The caustic calcined magnesite ball is made from calcined magnesite powder through mixing, pressing spheroid.
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  • Magnesia - Alumina Spinel Brick
    Magnesia - Alumina Spinel Brick
    Magnesium-aluminum spinel bricks are mainly composed of high-purity magnesia and synthetic magnesia-alumina spinel, and the main crystal phase is a periclase phase and amagnesia-alumina spinel phase.
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  • Magnesia Ferrite Spinel Brick
    Magnesia Ferrite Spinel Brick
    Magnesium-iron spinel brick is a new chromium-free refractory for cement rotary kiln, which was first developed in Europe in the late 1990s.
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