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Working Conditions Of Various Parts Of The Rotary Kiln

- Nov 18, 2018 -

Rotary kiln requirements for refractory materials

(1) Front kiln mouth requirements Wear resistance is good; chemical erosion ability; thermal shock resistance stability is strong.

(2) Requirements for firing zone Thermal shock resistance; corrosion resistance; thermal mechanical strength; performance of hanging kiln skin

(3) Transition zone requires high temperature thermal shock; hot mechanical strength; smaller elastic mode

(4) The part where the decomposition zone is required to be connected with the pre-tropical zone, due to the small thermal stress and chemical erosion, various quality clay bricks and aluminum bricks can be used; the joint with the transition zone is important; blast furnace brick, common magnesia chrome brick, spinel brick

(5) The requirements of the rear kiln mouth are good for alkali resistance and heat insulation.