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Where Can Refractories Be Used?

- Jan 30, 2019 -

Refractory data are the basic data in the field of high temperature technology. The application part is very extensive. Among them, it is widely used as structural data and lining for resisting high temperature effects in various thermal equipment and high temperature containers. In iron and steel metallurgical industry, coke oven is mainly composed of refractory materials. The blast furnaces and hot blast stoves, all kinds of steelmaking furnaces, soaking furnaces, heating furnaces and so on must not be short of all kinds of refractory materials that meet the requirements. Not only the casting of molten steel consumes a lot of refractory information, but also the continuous casting needs some refractory information. There are no kinds of refractory materials and no way to complete the essence outside the furnace. The calculation results show that the steel industry is a part of the demand for more refractory data, accounting for about 60% of the total refractory data output. Fire-hardening and hot-working of non-ferrous metals are also inseparable from refractory materials. All high-temperature furnaces or linings in the building materials industry and other high-temperature operating parts of the production of silicate products, such as glass industry, cement industry and ceramics industry, must be constructed by refractory materials. Other industrial high-temperature operation parts such as chemical industry, power industry, machinery manufacturing, such as various roasting furnaces, sintering furnaces, heating furnaces, boilers and their attached flues, chimneys, protective layers, etc. all need refractory information.

In short, when a structure, equipment, equipment or container is used or operated at high temperatures of more than 1000, the phenomena of deformation, softening, melting, corrosion, erosion or cracking of the data may not only make the operation unsustainable, but also stop the service life of the data, affect the production and contaminate the processing. The objective is to affect the quality of products, so it is necessary to use this refractory material with high temperature resistance effect.