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What Kind Of Refractory Material Is Best For The Building Of The Mine Furnace

- Nov 10, 2018 -

Carbon bricks are a type of carbon material. It is made from crushed coke and anthracite. Its specifications are: section 400mmx400mm (allowable error is ±30mm), length is 800~1600mm (allowable error is ±5mm); mechanical strength is: excellent 25MPa, -etc. 20MPa, second class 18MPa.

The advantages of using carbon bricks are high refractoriness, strong thermal shock resistance and high compressive strength; good stability, especially volume stability, and linear expansion coefficient (5.2~5.8)×10-6 at 237~1173K. Its slag resistance is good.

However, it is easily oxidized at high temperatures, and 773K begins to oxidize, and the oxidation rate increases with increasing temperature. Therefore, the carbon material cannot be in contact with a gas such as air or water vapor at a high temperature. Carbon materials have high thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation properties. In the submerged arc furnace, carbon bricks can be used as the lining material for all kinds of smelting products that are not afraid of carburizing.

The main component of magnesia brick is magnesia, its refractoriness is above 2273K, and its alkali resistance is strong; however, the load softening point is lower and the thermal shock resistance is poor. Most refining furnaces are smelted in an alkaline environment. Alkaline refractories resistant to alkaline corrosion should be used, such as magnesium bricks.

The clay bricks are made of Al203, and refractory clay with a total content of SiO2 of more than 30%, and the clinker is used as a backing material, and the clay material is used as a binder to form a brick and then sintered. It is a weakly acidic refractory material, resistant to the corrosion of acid slag, slightly resistant to alkaline slag; good thermal stability; load softening point is lower than refractoriness, only 1623K, and the softening start temperature and the final temperature interval are very Big. Refractory clay bricks cannot be used at high temperatures.