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What Are Industrial Refractory Bricks?

- Jan 01, 2019 -

What are the refractory bricks for industry? Perhaps you will feel a bit strange when you see this question. Do you think firebrick will be used in other places besides industrial use? Today we are going to talk about what industrial firebrick is for you, so that you can buy better products when you need bricks.


Industrial firebrick, literally, is also used for refractory bricks in industry. When you have a demand for industrial refractory bricks, you will search on the network first. Some users will search for "fire birck", "refractory bricks", "Industrial firebrick", "clay brick", and the industrial refractory bricks, including refractory bricks for industrial furnaces, refractory bricks for home furnaces, and firebricks for the pizza furnace, are presented to you. Bricks and so on, when you may think that the refractory bricks for industrial kilns are what I need, but is this really the case? Yes, refractory bricks for industrial kilns are industrial refractory bricks.


Industrial refractory brick is a refractory brick for kiln, which is used to build kiln lining. It is usually made of fire-resistant raw materials by batching, forming and roasting, and the refractoriness is about 1700 degrees C. Refractory bricks are made of clay firebrick, high alumina brick, silica brick, semi silica brick, magnesia brick, carbon brick and so on.


Industrial refractory bricks are used in industrial kiln. First, the amount of the bricks is relatively large. Secondly, the parts of the kiln are different, the material and specifications of the refractory bricks are different, and the requirements of the technical specifications are relatively high.


During the purchase of industrial refractory bricks, the refractory brick manufacturers also have some requirements, first of all, the quality requirements of refractory bricks. Sometimes the kiln does not have to be built with firebricks, but it can also be built with fire-resistant materials, depending on the specific conditions. Therefore, the general production of industrial refractory brick manufacturers, professional, from product production to construction, to later maintenance, etc., requires a certain degree of expertise. Therefore, some workshop type refractory brick manufacturers can not meet the requirements of purchasers.


In western countries, a firebrick with a slightly lower grade can be used when firebricks are used for building household fireplaces. Because some families build the fireplace just for decoration, and even can use the building clay bricks, this is the more ordinary firebricks, the use is relatively low. The firebrick used in pizza stove is similar to the firebrick used in household fireplaces, and the refractory bricks can be selected according to the specific circumstances. For these common refractory bricks, more manufacturers can be produced.


Bricks used in building bricks or ovens only take into account the pressure and the degree of refractoriness, and there are many indicators based on bricks for industrial furnaces, such as softening temperature, thermal shock stability, volume density and so on. Therefore, when choosing industrial refractory bricks, it is necessary to choose the right ones, not only to save costs, but also to bring more economic benefits to users.


Through the definition of industrial refractory brick and the application of refractory brick in many kilns, it is better to explain what the industrial refractory brick is. The industrial refractory brick is in the refractory brick industry, this word is outsider, but for some users who can't find the real firebrick, this article can help them better.