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Unqualified Quality Of Refractory Castables Can Easily Lead To Problems In Boilers

- Nov 17, 2018 -

The design of refractory anti-wear structure is not perfect. Or the quality of wear-resistant refractory castables is problematic. It is another reason for the unqualified quality of boiler masonry.

The design of the expansion joint of the refractory and wear-resistant material is unreasonable. Due to the insufficient number of circumferential and longitudinal expansion joints or other reasons, the wear-resistant refractory material of the boiler is swollen after being heated, and squeezes each other. Cracks are generated.

The wear-resistant refractory material has passed the storage period (3-6 months, generally not more than 3 months), the material is ineffective, some materials are improperly preserved, and the moisture is deteriorated, which may cause the boiler masonry quality to be unqualified.