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Three Trends In The Future Of Refractory Industry

- Aug 15, 2018 -

With the continuous development of industrial industry in recent years, innovation, refractory industry with the downstream industry continuously standardized integration, the requirements for durable materials are constantly innovates, gradually improved, product upgrading and transformation will also become the main direction of the future of the industry.

Some of the future trends may be:

The proportion of unshaped and high grade material is increased. With the quicker integration of the steel, cement and glass downstream industry in recent years, we can predict that the quality requirements of the durable wood will be gradually improved in the future. At the same time, according to the experience of the developed countries in the world, the proportion of the unshaped refractory in the future will be increased year by year.

Through the Internet to expand the market, expand the overseas market, the pursuit of further development. Seize more market share.

Vertical integration. The high resource dependence and the fast rising raw materials bring great pressure to the profit of the industry. We think the vertical integration of the industrial chain will become the future development demand of the enterprise. We expect that the potential of future upstream extension will determine the key factors of long-term profitability of refractory enterprises in the future.

Due to the need for energy saving, the current use of high-grade instead of low-grade trend is significant, good technology in the industry, good products for enterprises.

The integration and merger of refractory industry is an inevitable trend, mainly in the form of upstream integration and intra-industry integration. The reason is that the companies in the industry in order to avoid the volatility of the gross interest rate, two because the integration of the downstream industry triggered the integration of many of the current companies, the downstream large enterprises need large advantages to provide better durable materials and services, the integration of listed companies will take place in the enterprises with resources or own customers.