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The Two Member And Council Of Hebei Refractories Industry Association Closed Successfully.

- Nov 20, 2018 -

On the afternoon of October 16, the first and second membership and Council of Hebei Refractories Industry Association closed smoothly in Shangri-La Hotel. Xu Dianli, Secretary General of China Refractories Industry Association, Chen Jianxiong, Vice President of China Refractories Industry Association, Wu Ximin, Chairman of Hebei Refractories Association, Tangshan Shichuang High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd., Dong Guoliang, Chairman of Hebei Refractories Association, Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractories Co., Ltd., and Hebei Refractories Co., Ltd. Zhao Donglian, Executive Vice President of the Association and President of Tangshan Chenglian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., and Wei Hao, General Manager of Hebei Fengneng Refractories Co., Ltd. were present at the meeting.

At the meeting, Huang Shaoning, Secretary-General of Hebei Refractories Industry Association, took the lead in reporting on the main work carried out since the establishment of the association, which laid a good foundation for determining the overall working ideas of the association in the future and played an important role.

Huang Shaoning first analyzed the current grim situation facing the refractory industry. He said that China's refractory industry, entering a new era, is facing a steady and changing domestic economic situation and intensifying Sino-US trade frictions. The task of deepening structural reform on the supply side is arduous, the pressure of environmental protection management is high, and the production and operation are difficult.

In this case, according to the function and position of the association, the association conscientiously performs its duties, promotes enterprise exchanges and cooperation in hosting several symposiums, carries out the statistical work of the refractory industry in Hebei Province, and carries out a series of work in product identification and market promotion of enterprises in Hebei Province, and achieves certain results.

President Wu Ximin made an analysis report on the production and operation of Hebei refractories industry at the meeting. In his report, he first introduced the production and operation of refractory industry and major downstream industries in the first half of 2018.

President Wu also mentioned that in view of the Sino-US trade war, the China Refractories Industry Association took active measures to deal with the Sino-US trade war in order to reduce losses and ensure the healthy development of China's refractory industry. On September 26, it decided to submit a written document to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, proposing to levy or increase export tariffs on refractory raw materials exported to the United States in order to protect the development of the refractory industry in the country. It further strengthened the confidence of the members of the association to face the Sino US trade war.

In addition, in the face of the complex development environment, President Wu also presented six development proposals for the provincial refractory enterprises at the conference:

First, pay attention to the market price of refractory raw materials and products.

Two, strengthen industry self-discipline and standardize market order;

Three, strictly control the new capacity.

Four, focus on funding issues;

Five, strengthen cost management and improve the quality of operation;

Six, attach importance to national environmental protection.

At the meeting, 9 enterprises such as Cangzhou Huifeng Furnace Material Co., Ltd. and Qing'an Xinlong Metal Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were considered to be members of the association, and Northern Kiln Engineering Co., Ltd. was added as vice president.