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The Tender Price Of Silicon And Manganese In Some Steel Mills Nationwide Announced

- Jan 04, 2019 -

The price of the first round of silicon-manganese in January 2019 was announced to be 8,250 yuan / ton, a decrease of 500 yuan / ton from the second round of procurement in December, the number of 23,000 tons, a decrease of 6,990 tons from the previous month. ;

The purchase price of silicomanganese in a steel mill in Zhejiang was finalized at 8,369 yuan/ton in January, and the purchase volume was 2,500 tons.

The bidding price of Xiangtan Iron and Steel in January 2019 was set at 8300 yuan/ton, which was 550 yuan/ton lower than the previous month, and the purchase quantity was 12,000 tons.

Kunming Steel started the bidding for silicomanganese reverse bidding in January 2019. It is reported that the planned purchase volume is 5,800 tons, and the reverse starting price is 8,400 yuan/ton, which is 260 yuan/ton lower than the price in late December.