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The Reason For The Price Of Bauxite

- Nov 25, 2018 -

The county has rich bauxite resources, and there are many calcined enterprises with high alumina bauxite raw materials in Niu Village. There are only 18 left, there are 38 shaft kiln (two Shandong Shandong Luzhong refractory), most of which use natural gas as fuel, with an annual output of 400-500,000 tons of high-alumina bauxite clinker.With the announcement of the relevant departments to suspend production for rectification, the shaft kiln was still discontinued until the inspection period. The situation reflected by the enterprise is that since clean energy calcination is adopted, production should be guaranteed, and environmental protection cannot be cut across the board. In the next step, the government will take measures to unify management.
Generally speaking, environmental protection will be the key work for some time in the future. The situation of tight spot resources of bauxite in the market will not change in the short term. Therefore, it is expected that the price of bauxite will continue to fluctuate strongly in the short term. .