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The New Material Exhibition Of The High Tech Fair Invites You To Create A New Pattern Of Innovative Materials.

- Aug 25, 2018 -

In recent years, the developed countries in the world have formulated corresponding plans in the field of new materials, strengthened research and development in an all-round way, and introduced preferential policies in the market, industrial environment and other levels. Many emerging economies have adopted catching-up strategies to formulate special plans in the fields of new energy materials, energy-saving and environmental protection materials, nanomaterials, biological materials, medical and health materials, information materials and so on, in an attempt to gain a place in the future international competition. China's National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan also classifies new materials as strategic emerging industries, putting them in a more prominent position in economic and social development.

In response to the National Strategic Emerging Industries Development Plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the New Materials Fair will gather resources from all sides to build a high-quality platform for all-round trade, cooperation and exchanges among new materials enterprises. As the leading platform of the new material industry, we dedicate all strength to the development of new material industry wholeheartedly.

The 20th High-tech Fair New Materials Exhibition will open on November 14, 2018. With the guidance of strategic emerging industries, we sincerely invite you to join us to explore the market, obtain industry trends, inspire innovation direction, and create a new pattern of materials.