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The Market Of Light Burnt Magnesium Powder In Liaoning Is Stable

- Dec 28, 2018 -

In December, the market for light burnt magnesium powder in Liaoning was stable, and the mainstream market price remained at the previous level. The current local 85 light burned magnesium powder factory price is 800-900 yuan / ton, 90 light burned magnesium powder mainstream offer concentrated in 1050-1200 yuan / ton, higher prices have also heard, old customers have more concessions.


Near the end of the year, the enthusiasm for downstream purchases is soaring, so manufacturers are more aware of the price, and will give priority to new customers under the conditions of guaranteeing the supply of old customers. At present, the market trading atmosphere is stable, and it is expected that the local light burnt magnesium powder will continue to be stable in the short term.