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The Magnesium Industry Breaks Through The 'bottleneck Constraint'

- Nov 19, 2018 -

At present, the magnesium industry in Dashiqiao City mainly includes magnesium refractory, magnesium chemical, magnesium building materials and magnesium alloy. There are 209 enterprises above designated size, forming a relatively complete industrial chain around magnesium resources. The variety of magnesium products is complete and the scale advantage is obvious. However, under the new situation, the development of magnesium material industry in Dashiqiao City has been restricted by the environment and resources, and the development of magnesium industry has fallen into a bottleneck stage. To this end, the Dashiqiao Municipal Government vigorously promotes the development of the industry in the direction of “innovation, high efficiency, green, and recycling”, realizes the transformation of the magnesium industry from scale advantage to technological superiority, further enhances the in-depth processing capability, and continues to consolidate the dominant position of “China Magnesium Capital” at home and abroad, and builds a world-class magnesium material deep processing base, equipment manufacturing base, technology innovation base and industrial service gathering place.

On November 3, the Magnesium Nutrition Research Center and the Academician Workstation were established. From then on, the focus will be on the efficient use of low-grade ore resources such as magnesite, brucite mine, and boron-magnesium ore and the application theory of magnesium nutrition in plants, animals, human bodies and pharmaceutical products. Accelerate the promotion of the high-speed, serialized development of the “fast lane” of magnesium products in Dashiqiao City.

At present, the types and output of high-tech magnesium products in Dashiqiao City rank first in the country, and the technological innovation capability of magnesium products enterprises ranks first in the country. The city has established 18 state-level high-tech enterprises, including 10 magnesium-related enterprises; 31 scientific research institutions have established magnesium materials enterprises, including 9 provincial engineering technology research centers. It has established comprehensive scientific and technological cooperation with 14 universities and colleges such as Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and Dalian University of Technology. 252 magnesium material enterprises have established long-term technical cooperation relationships with domestic and foreign colleges and universities and large enterprise groups.