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The International Conference On Innovation And Development Of Refractories Was Held In Beijing Recently.

- Dec 05, 2018 -

On November 16, 2018, the International Conference on Innovation and Development of Refractories, co-sponsored by World Refractories Association and China Refractories Industry Association, was held in Beijing.

Refractories are indispensable basic materials for the development of high temperature industries, such as metallurgy, power, chemical industry, building materials and machinery. They guarantee and support the safe and efficient operation of high temperature industries and the improvement and improvement of product quality. In order to guide the sustained and healthy development of refractory industry in China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued in 2013 "Some Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Sustainable Development of Refractory Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Several Opinions"), clarifying the guiding ideology, development goals, main tasks and safeguards for the development of refractory industry in China. At present, China's refractory industry has become the largest refractory producer, consumer and trading country in the world, with an annual output of more than 20 million tons. Refractory raw materials and refractory products have been sold to more than 150 countries and regions.


At the meeting, representatives from major refractory manufacturers in the world conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the global refractory industry pattern and future development trends, key common technologies, latest product research and development progress, energy conservation and emission reduction, green manufacturing, raw material supply and guarantee and other industrial development issues. Members of the Board of Directors of the World Refractories Association, heads of China Refractories Industry Association and provincial refractories associations in key producing areas, backbone listed companies in refractories industry, and representatives of relevant colleges and universities and media attended the meeting. The Raw Material Industry Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology sent staff to attend the meeting.