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Technical Characteristics Of Refractory Castables

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Refractory castable is currently the most widely used and an unshaped refractory. It is mainly used to build a variety of heating furnace lining and other overall structure. Some high quality varieties can also be used in smelting furnaces. Such as aluminate cement refractory castable can be widely used in a variety of heating furnace and other no residue, no acid and alkali erosion of the thermal equipment. In the case of hot water, molten steel and slag erosion and high operating temperature, such as the trough, bucket and blast furnace body, trench, etc., can be used by the low calcium and pure high alumina cement combined by the High alumina and high sintered high quality pellets and powder made of refractory castables. Another  example is the phosphate refractory castable can be widely used in  heating furnace and heating metal soaking furnace can also be used for  coke oven, cement kiln directly with the material contact with the site.  In the molten slag and molten metal directly in contact with the  metallurgical furnace and other parts of the container, the use of  high-quality phosphate refractory castable for repair also have good  results.
In some work temperature is not high and the need for high wear resistance of the site, the use of phosphate refractory castable is more appropriate. If the choice of corundum refractory materials made of refractory castable, in the reduction of the atmosphere are generally used to have a better effect.