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Tangshan Started The Relocation Of 13 Iron And Steel Enterprises

- Jan 17, 2019 -

Tangshan is an important city for the development of heavy industry in China. At the same time, it suffers from heavy haze caused by environmental pollution. Although in recent years, under the strict control of the government, the concentration of PM2.5 is gradually decreasing. On December 25, the Tangshan Municipal Government held 10 press conferences on key work to announce the work of the ecological environment throughout the year. PM2.5 concentration decreased by 7.69% year on year, but it is still not optimistic.

As for air environmental quality, as of December 22, the comprehensive air quality index was 7.222, down 8.56% from the same period last year; the concentration of PM2.5 was 60ug/m3, down 7.69% from the same period last year; the days of heavy pollution were 13 days, down 15 days from the same period last year; the days of good pollution were 198 days, the ratio of good days was 58.06%, down 3 days from the same period last year.

In terms of water environment quality, seven of the nine monitoring sections of the six rivers assessed by the state and the province have reached Class III and above, and four of them have achieved water quality improvement; the inferior five types of water quality have been eliminated in the whole region; the water quality of seven centralized drinking water sources in cities has reached Class III water quality standards; and all five state-controlled monitoring sites in coastal waters have reached Class II water quality standards.

Start the Relocation of 13 Iron and Steel Enterprises

Resolve the excess capacity with iron and speed up the relocation of industrial enterprises. The annual capacity of smelting and steelmaking is 5.525 million tons, ironmaking capacity is 2.98 million tons, coke production capacity is 1.85 million tons, coal production capacity is 2.01 million tons, and multi-pressure and reduced iron production capacity is 170,000 tons, which successfully completes the task of provincial-level dissolution. Optimize the layout of iron and steel industry, promote the layout of heavy chemical enterprises such as iron and steel, and start the relocation of 13 iron and steel enterprises around the main urban area including Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to withdraw from the city; move the foundry enterprises in Lunan District and Lubei District in an all-round way; build 2133 Mu International Ceramics Industry Park in Fengnan District, and start the relocation of 280 ceramics enterprises in Lunan District, Lubei District, High-tech Zone and Kaiping District by classified planning. Admission.

Implementing Deep Governance of Key Industries with High Standards

We will take iron measures to promote pollution reduction and resolutely win the battle against the blue sky. High-standard implementation of key industries in-depth management, 140 sintering machines, shaft furnace in-depth management of desulfurization and denitrification, to achieve ultra-low emissions; all 22 coking enterprises to complete the transformation of ultra-low emissions of desulfurization and denitrification; 17 electric power enterprises to start to promote the treatment of flue gas whitening. Over the years, staggered peak production has been carried out. On the basis of the completion of the 18.21 million tons of BF production restriction task in 35 iron and steel enterprises in autumn and winter, the normal production restriction measures for iron and steel industries have been continued. Establish a command mechanism for air pollution prevention and control, and effectively deal with 23 rounds of heavy pollution weather throughout the year.

Carry out global water control

Improve the quality of water environment by "harnessing water all over the world and moistening the city with clean water". Eight major projects have been implemented, including closure and regulation of sewage outlets illegally entering rivers and regulation of industrial pollution sources along rivers. Cleaning up 1.383 million square meters of river rubbish, regulating 182 pollution sources of riverside industry and commerce, cleaning up 7627 mu of aquaculture (pits) and livestock and poultry farms, demolishing 539 illegal buildings, dredging 9519 thousand square meters of river course, and investigating and renovating 31 key polluting pits and ponds.

The amount of fines is unprecedented in history

We should adhere to strict law enforcement and further promote the punishment of pollution. Open the "double penalty system" first, let the territorial Government and illegal enterprises punish with the same penalty. The Environmental Protection Department filed 1772 cases with a total amount of 352 million yuan, and the amount of fines was unprecedented. Twenty-four enterprises were suspended, 24 were seized and detained, 93 were jointly enforced with the public security authorities, and 65 were transferred to administrative detention.