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Stable Refractory Product Price

- Jan 22, 2019 -

Since 2017, with the environmental protection and mine remediation, refractory raw materials have effectively promoted the rise of product prices, and the price of refractory products has followed suit. So far, the prices of refractory raw materials and products have basically returned to the reasonable price of the products themselves, and they have basically been basically recognized by domestic and foreign downstream industries. Therefore, the stability of product prices is crucial, especially the stability of refractory raw materials prices is more important.


From January to November, the price of main refractory raw materials was relatively stable, and it fluctuated slightly after August. Alumina bauxite increased significantly after August.



Under the market economy conditions, the small fluctuations in product prices are normal, but it is necessary to strictly prevent the ups and downs of product prices. Otherwise, the market will be disrupted and the losses will be caused by the production enterprises.