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Seeking Green Development, Highlighting 'environmental Benefits'

- Nov 19, 2018 -

From 'hoping for food and clothing' to 'hoping for environmental protection', from 'seeking survival' to "seeking for ecology", in recent years, in order to implement the requirements of the construction of the central ecological civilization, the development of the magnesium industry in Dashiqiao is facing new challenges and new situations.

Heavy oil technology is a relatively conservative and very reliable traditional technology, while natural gas technology is a more environmentally friendly technology. In the next few years, the elimination of “heavy oil” technology will become a new trend in the development of the magnesium industry. Up to now, Dashiqiao has completed 30 oil-to-gas high-temperature tunnels and shuttle kiln, and the remaining tunnel kiln renovation project is in full swing. In recent years, Dashiqiao has strengthened its environmental law enforcement efforts, and successively removed 129 (station) backward kiln that failed to meet the standards, closed 963 leaking kiln, and carried out special rectification of 320 Raymond and Magnesia crushing system pollution facilities. 130 of the 482 magnesium material producers were shut down and eliminated excess capacity of 900,000 tons.