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Relocation Of Yukun Iron And Steel Co., Ltd., With An Investment Of 21.2 Billion Yuan, To Build A New 5 Million Ton Steel Plant In Emshan

- Feb 02, 2019 -

Recently, the signing ceremony of the investment cooperation agreement between Eshan County and Yuxi Yukun Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was held. According to the agreement, Yukun Iron and Steel Group settled in Dahua Industrial Park to upgrade its capacity and build "Yunnan Green Steel City".

It is reported that the capacity replacement and upgrading project of Yukun Iron and Steel Group is the concrete embodiment of the requirements of building "Science and Technology Innovation City, Healthy Livable City and Ecological Garden City" in Hongta District when implementing the investigation of Yuxi by the main leaders of the provincial Party committee. It also conforms to the relevant policies of the State Council on eliminating excess capacity of the iron and steel industry and realizing the development of overcoming difficulties. The project is located in Dahua Industrial Park, with an estimated total investment of 21.2 billion yuan and a construction cycle of 5 years. It will be completed and put into operation by the end of 2023. By then, a production scale of 4.56 million tons of ironmaking capacity and 5.15 million tons of crude steel capacity will be formed. The tax contribution is expected to reach 1 billion yuan, and tens of thousands of jobs will be solved. The implementation of the project will concentrate with Xinping Dakaimen Xianfu Iron and Steel Enterprises to form an iron and steel industry zone along Kunyu Expressway, from research and development to Dahua Industrial Park, reconstruct a steel industry belt with a capacity of over 10 million tons and an industrial output value of over 100 billion yuan, create a "Yunnan Green Steel City", and promote the leapfrog development of Yuxi's economy with high quality.