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Refractory Transformation

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Refractory materials have been 60 years, especially in the late 1980s, reform and opening up, such as springing up, flourishing. Since 2005, the coal-fueled pour-burning kiln has been demolished, and more than 120 high-temperature fired tunnel kiln with natural gas as fuel has been rebuilt or built. The kiln equipment level has been improved and the production capacity has been expanded. Entering the international market, the market is large and the sales are good, which laid the foundation for development. Various types of refractory materials for hot blast stoves, ladle, cement, glass, etc., with overall support and distinctive features, refractory materials need to be viewed and summarized in the international and domestic perspectives. It is necessary to change concepts, strengthen alliances, pay attention to policies, and guide the market. Adhere to green production, improve the level of automation and intelligence, integrate innovation through two-in-one integration and material technology, and accumulate technology to form a large number of “specialized, precise and special” enterprises, and comprehensively apply economic, policy, environmental protection and market. By means of other means, it is forced to eliminate backward production capacity, backward technological transformation, and further enlarge and strengthen.