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Refractory Lining Material

- Dec 22, 2018 -

Refractory materials are the basis of high temperature application technology, the quality of the lining refractory materials plays a decisive role in whether the entire project can be put into production smoothly. Therefore, it is especially important to combine the performance of the lining refractory material with the related process. In other words, it is necessary to have a complete process and a reasonable material configuration.

During the use of the refractory lining material, it is inevitable to suffer from changes in the ambient temperature, such as: oven, temperature rise and temperature fluctuations during operation, steam purge, on-off temperature rise and fall, etc. It is stable in operation, avoids the damage caused by the quenching and rapid heat, and improves the thermal shock stability of the refractory material, which will help to extend the service life of the lining. The lining is used in a high temperature environment, and is thermally expanded at a high temperature, and thus is subjected to extrusion to generate thermal stress. When the internal stress of the lining exceeds its own strength, peeling damage or the like is generated. In view of the particularity and severity of the working conditions, higher requirements are placed on the performance of the lining material. The current optimization of the lining performance is mainly reflected