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Refractory Companies Have Begun To Refuse To Accept New Orders

- Nov 28, 2018 -

The Zhengzhou Municipal Government has issued a list of companies that have made peak production of refractory companies this year. Refractory companies that have basically used clean fuel energy can only stop production for 40 days with a peak. However, after the issuance of this document, some enterprises need to stop production from November 24, and some need to stop production completely from December 1, and the production date has not yet been clearly stated.

In the document, we can see that the top 30 refractory companies in the city are not in the first batch of production stoppages. As long as there are more than 2 kiln, they must stop several, leaving only one kiln. On the list of discontinued products announced in the annex, almost all of the milling business will be stopped from November 24, 2018. Can those companies that retain a kiln line not be ground and can be produced?

Therefore, it seems that the environmental protection situation has not eased this year, and it is a fact that refractory enterprises are out of stock or the supply is tight. Winter is a period of frequent kiln maintenance in many downstream industries. When refractory manufacturers stop, the consumption of inventory is very fast. This is not difficult to understand. Several refractory manufacturers have sent friends to say they are no longer accepting new orders.

At the same time, it also reminds customers in the downstream procurement industry that before placing an order, they must first consult whether there is any goods, and ask about the stocking cycle to avoid unnecessary losses.