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Production Process Of 98 Fused Magnesia

- Jan 20, 2019 -

The invention relates to a method for smelting and processing high temperature refractory materials, in particular for the production process of fused magnesia.

Magnesia is Magnesium Oxide, the magnesite, brucite, dolomite and serpentine, olivine is obtained. The general availability of magnesite and brucite as raw material decomposition for Magnesium Oxide, because of different calcination temperature and different crystallization, the 600-1000 calcined the activity of Magnesium Oxide said Magnesium Oxide, the 1400-1800 C calcined Magnesium Oxide said the dead burned more than two kinds of Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Oxide are commonly known as light, commonly known as magnesia kiln.

The production process of fused magnesia is widely used for smelting furnace, direct smelting magnesium ore, the deficiency is high power consumption, the existing process of each smelting a ton of qualified fused magnesia with (and purity higher than 96.5%) also need to consume 80 kilograms of carbon, the relevant information ("special refractory material", "magnesia process science", "high temperature refractory papers") showed that the light magnesia by arc heating, can generate cubic crystals, namely Magnesium Oxide heavy melting point of 2800 DEG C, i.e. fused magnesia. The magnesia produced by furnace is recrystallized by electric furnace melting, and the fused magnesia can be produced.