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Price Trend Of Refractory Raw Materials And Insulation Bricks In Late December

- Jan 17, 2019 -

By the end of another year, 2018 will be over soon. Throughout the refractory market, it is still shrouded by air pollution and heating season production restrictions. The start-up rate of enterprises is very low. After a small increase in the initial heating period in October-November, the price index of this month is relatively stable.

In terms of refractory raw materials, the data in this period show that the main reason for the increase is mullite and corundum raw materials. The main reasons are as follows: 1. The price of raw materials is unstable, which affects the downstream materials. 2. Limited production in heating season, poor start-up rate and limited market inventory.

Coke gemstone and silicon carbide are relatively stable, but the staggered peak production continues, and the start-up rate of production enterprises is not good. In the early stage of production restriction, enterprises will have some inventory, but in the middle and later stages, with the depletion of inventory, it is expected that after New Year's Day, the market or supply shortage will occur, and prices will rise slightly. Moreover, as we enter December, logistics will gradually begin to have a holiday in recent years. Enterprises that need to purchase goods need to take time to avoid affecting the time of goods.

In the aspect of refractory finished bricks, the price index of insulating bricks has always been relatively stable, and there are few large fluctuations such as raw materials. However, from the point of view of the current market inventory, enterprises are still affected by staggered peak production, the starting rate is not optimistic, basically relying on the past inventory for order matching.