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'New Era Of Refractory Industry Development Summit Forum' Successfully Convened

- Sep 08, 2018 -

The fifteenth lecture on new knowledge of refractories was successfully held in Kaifeng from May 29 to 31, sponsored by the refractory industry associations of Henan, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Guizhou provinces. More than 300 people attended the meeting, including refractory products enterprises, refractory raw materials and equipment enterprises, universities and research institutes. The theme of this meeting is "Forum on the Development Peak of Refractories Industry in the New Era", and the fifth Aluminum-Silica Refractories Expo was held at the same time. The conference was supported by China Refractory Industry Association, Henan Industrial and Information Technology Commission, Zhengzhou University and China Building Materials Planning Institute. The meeting was co-sponsored by Henan Tenet, Shandong Refractories Group, Guizhou Haimei, Shanxi Doyle, Henan Xingya, Henan Cheng, Yanshi Guangming High Science and Technology, Yangquan Jintu, Zhengzhou Haonan, Zhengzhou Yufa and other units. The leaders of the six provinces refractories Association took the chair in turn. Vice Mayor Xu Qiang of Kaifeng Municipal People's Government and Vice President Chen Jianxiong of China Refractory Industry Association attended the meeting to address the meeting respectively.

  The theme of the conference is to carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress and the 13th National Congress, enter a new era, seek truth from facts, take the lead in dry words, broaden international horizons, discuss and exchange green manufacturing of refractories, scientific and technological innovation, new ideas for enterprise development, and promote the refractory industry to a new level.

  Yue Quanhuafu, Director of Building Materials Department, Raw Materials Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, Jiang Yongbo, Yang Yong, Vice-Director of Raw Materials Department, Henan Industry and Information Commission, Li Dagang, Director of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department, Henan Industry and Information Commission, and Chen Zhenfu, Director of Building Materials Metallurgy Office, Zibo City, Shandong Province, attended the meeting to investigate and study the situation of refractory industry. Talk. Director Yue Quanhua made an important speech, he said: refractory is the industry behind the industry, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of steel, building materials, non-ferrous, machinery, chemical industry, electricity and other high-temperature industries, is an indispensable supporting material. At present, China's refractories have become the world's largest production, consumption and export country, accounting for 70% of the world's total output. In recent years, the refractory industry has made great progress in technical equipment, product quality and other aspects, but long-standing problems such as large but not strong, extensive use of resources, low industrial concentration, disordered competition have not been fundamentally solved. On the one hand, a large number of low-end products are seriously surplus, on the other hand, some high value-added products. Imports are also needed. In the new era, how to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, practice the new concept of development, speed up the transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality development, strive to improve total factor productivity, promote the realization of quality, efficiency and dynamic change, and achieve better and higher quality development are all in the face of every fireproof person. Before the task, we should make good use of this meeting to discuss the situation facing the refractory industry, the existing problems, the main direction of development and tasks. He raised seven questions: assessing and supervising the implementation of several opinions issued in 2013; drawing up emission standards and energy consumption quotas for refractory kilns; promoting better intelligent transformation; developing and promoting structural and functional integrated refractories; remanufacturing and recycling refractories; improving material support capabilities; and how to pass Marketization and legalization push backward production capacity to speed up. He also said: these issues are related to the refractory industry policy, green intelligent manufacturing, technological product innovation, recycling and sustainable development and structural adjustment for everyone to think about. He suggested that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology should do a good job in developing functional and efficient materials, eliminating backward production capacity and studying comprehensive treatment technology of flue gas dedusting, desulfurization and denitrification according to the characteristics of refractory industry. Especially in the integration of industrialization and industrialization and intelligent manufacturing, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has vigorously promoted the pilot demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing every year. We hope that the refractory enterprises will actively participate in the declaration, and some outstanding projects can also win the support of government funds. In the end, he emphasized the announcement of the industry standards. The purpose of the announcement is to guide reasonable investment, curb low-level repeated investment, speed up structural adjustment and promote the healthy and sustainable development of refractory industry. According to the "Specification Conditions for Refractory Industry" formulated in 2014, the announcement was made last year after the declaration of provinces and municipalities, expert evaluation and evaluation. The first batch of qualified enterprises and production lists, a total of 40 production lines, including Henan, Liaoning, Shandong and other provinces and cities 21 enterprises. Although this standard condition is voluntary application, the relevant parties will refer to the implementation in the work of investment and financing, land supply, environmental assessment, production license, safety production supervision and elimination of backward production capacity. Next step, we will continue to promote the linkage between industrial policies and national, environmental, security, financial and other policies. Loan, stock listing and environmental protection support will be inclined to those enterprises that have been declared to meet the standard conditions, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of refractory industry and build China into a big country of refractory industry.

   Around the theme of the meeting, some experts made the following reports: Director Li Dagang, Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department, Henan Industry and Information Commission: Green production is the inevitable choice for the development of the material industry; Chairman Liu Baikuan, Puyang Punai; Discussion on the construction mechanism of the refractory industry innovation center; Director Wang Xiaofang, China Building Materials Planning Institute: The refractory industry is facing the situation and the path of transformation. Ishmael, general manager of ICAR, France: ICAR helps China's refractories "all along the way"; Zhao Jizeng, chairman of Beijing lehr high temperature material Limited by Share Ltd: China's refractories industry association delegation to Europe for inspection report; Li steel Hongyuan, Sinosteel Lun Xia Dean: innovation and optimization and upgrading of refractories; University of Science and Technology Beijing Li Yongjiao Brief introduction: Prospect and Prospect of siliceous and aluminosilicate raw materials and products. In accordance with the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and the reality of the industry and enterprises, the congress reports on green production, innovation mechanism, intelligent manufacturing, technological trends, international perspectives, optimization and upgrading were well received by the delegates.

   Combining with the theme of the meeting, the meeting also arranged six sections, including "the situation of aluminosiliceous raw materials mine", "desulfurization and denitrification environmental protection technology", "intelligent machinery and equipment and energy-saving kiln", "fused aluminosiliceous raw materials", "sintered aluminosiliceous raw materials", "website and refractory energy consumption standards", to conduct interactive exchange and introduction. Professor Ma Chengliang of Zhengzhou University and Professor Zhao Xinli of the Sixth Design Institute of Machinery have reported and exchanged reports on low nitrogen and oxygen combustion technology, automatic design of refractory equipment, and digitization of green production standards.

   In order to further publicize and guide the green production of refractory raw material enterprises, ensure the supply, strengthen the exchange and cooperation between raw materials, equipment and products enterprises, and upgrade the overall level of the industry, the six provincial associations continued to carry out the work of gold awards and equipment recommendation awards for aluminum and silicon raw materials at the Expo. There are 22 Gold Award for raw materials and 10 recommended equipment.

  During the meeting, Director Yue Waited for the leadership of the meeting and visited the Fifth Aluminum Silica Raw Materials Exposition. Before the exhibition, he listened in detail to the production and application of aluminum-magnesium spinel, mullite, high-purity magnesium oxide, a-alumina powder, white corundum, brown corundum, homogenizer, bauxite, water reducer and other bauxite-silicon refractory materials. This paper inquired about the mining and environmental protection of raw materials such as Kyanite and andalusite, and exchanged extensively with high temperature kilns, testing equipment, desulfurization and denitrification equipment technology and machinery forming automation equipment enterprises. He affirmed the practice of exhibiting products and technologies at the exposition, which could guide high-quality raw materials, excellent equipment and related products positively. Brand enterprises and refractory products enterprises to strengthen cooperation, win-win development, and jointly promote the healthy and orderly refractory industry.