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Market Status Of Refractories Industry

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Due to the wide variety and wide use of refractories, China's refractory industry has developed rapidly this year. In 2017, China's refractory output reached 302.42 million tons. Conservatively, it is estimated that it will exceed 3.5 million tons in 2018. The following is the market analysis of refractory industry.

In September, the refractory industry market was generally stable, but due to environmental protection and ore shortage, the market prices of raw materials and products rose slightly. In the future, due to the recovery of downstream engineering market, such as steel and building materials, the demand for refractories may increase. Generally speaking, the refractory market will operate steadily in the future. Understand the market situation of refractories industry through refractories such as electrodes, raw materials and white corundum.


At the beginning of September, the market price of ultra-high power electrodes declined slightly. According to different regions, the market price of 500 mm ultra-high power electrodes in Shanghai was 80,000-91,000 yuan/ton, that of 500 mm ultra-high power electrodes in Jiangsu was 77,000-88,000 yuan/ton, and that of 500 mm ultra-high power electrodes in Henan was 78,000-86,000 yuan/ton, which was higher than last week's Market price. The price has been reduced, and the price of manufacturers has been confused. Refractories industry analysis, at the same time, due to the large inventory pressure of mainstream specifications, manufacturers have strong willingness to ship, low-cost delivery, more Profit-giving phenomenon. However, attention should also be paid to environmental protection. In recent years, various kinds of environmental protection production restrictions have been reported frequently. In autumn and winter, the intensity of production restrictions in heating season may be strengthened. The impact of this action on electrode supply is still unpredictable.

raw material

Based on raw materials, we gradually expand into raw materials and refractories products manufacturing enterprises. Such enterprises are represented by Yingkou Blue and White Group Co., Ltd., Haicheng Houying Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Xixiaoping Refractories Co., Ltd. Because of its huge mining resources and relatively large scale, the refractory enterprises with the highest sales revenue in China are all those in Liaoning Province that mine magnesite and produce refractory products.

White corundum

In September, the mainstream quotation of white corundum sand in Henan Province ranged from 5600 to 5700 yuan/ton (tax included in factory), and fine powder price ranged from 5800 to 5900 yuan/ton (tax included in factory). Analysis of the market situation of refractory industry, influenced by the rising price of alumina, the price of white corundum in Henan region has risen, and the focus of the market has shifted upward.

Henan has strict environmental protection inspection. Most bauxite mines are shut down, and alumina enterprises are relatively shut down, resulting in high alumina prices. On the one hand, there is still room for alumina to rise. On the other hand, there is a point of view that the inflection point of alumina has arrived. Some white corundum enterprises in Henan Province say that the purchase price of alumina is at a high level at present, and there is limited room for further increase in the latter period, but the possibility of price reduction is not great. . Because the shipment is good, downstream demand is better than last year. Generally speaking, the latter market of white corundum in Henan mainly depends on the trend of alumina market. Therefore, the price of white corundum is expected to be stable and strong.

At present, China is still in the process of industrialization. Refractories, as the basic material to support the development of high temperature industry, will still maintain a certain development speed. The market situation of refractory industry is analyzed. Compared with developed countries, the proportion of amorphous refractories in refractory structure in China is low. Considering the huge total demand for refractories in China, amorphous refractories will be popularized at a faster rate, and enterprises in related industries are expected to achieve unconventional development.

Nowadays, China's refractories can basically meet the needs of high temperature industrial production and development in terms of quantity, variety and quality. In the future, the structure of enterprise groups and varieties will be the key to maintain vitality and success in refractory industry. The technological progress of refractory materials in the future plays an irreplaceable role in the development of high temperature industry. The above is the analysis of all the contents of the refractories industry market.