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Market Situation Of Mass Refractories In September 2018

- Dec 10, 2018 -

In September, the refractory industry market was generally stable, but due to environmental protection and ore shortage, the market prices of raw materials and products rose slightly. In the future, due to the recovery of downstream engineering market, such as steel and building materials, the demand for refractories may increase. Generally speaking, the refractory market will operate steadily in the future. This month, bauxite, white corundum, have increased slightly, the product situation is as follows:


At the beginning of September, the price of bauxite 80 iron sheet shaft kiln in Henan is 1420-1570 yuan/ton, bauxite 1770-1920 yuan/ton in 85 iron sheet shaft kiln, bauxite 2120-2270 yuan/ton in 85 rotary kiln, bauxite 2320-2470 yuan/ton in 88 rotary kiln, bauxite 80 yuan/ton in Yangquan area, bauxite 1700-1800 yuan/ton in 85 rotary kiln, bauxite 2 yuan/ton in 85 rotary kiln, bauxite 2320-2470 yuan/ton in 88 rotary kiln 050-2150 yuan/ton, 88 yuan/ton of bauxite 2350-2450 yuan/ton, (the above prices are block material ex-factory price without tax). Prices in both major bauxite producing areas have risen.

Since last month, the main producing areas of bauxite have implemented a stricter policy of shutting down production and limiting production. A large number of bauxite mining and processing plants have been closed, and the taste of domestic bauxite has seriously declined. The shortage of raw material resources for high-grade bauxite ore is becoming more and more serious, and the price of raw bauxite is rising. In addition, environmental protection in Henan Province has led to the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. Business closure and rectification led to a low comprehensive start-up rate of bauxite. At present, bauxite products are mostly in the state of ore price increase and clinker slightly increase. The bauxite manufacturers indicate that their profits have been compressed to a certain extent, which indicates that customers'acceptance of bauxite price increase by a large margin needs to be adjusted. Bauxite prices are expected to rise slightly later.