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Magnesia-dolomite Refractories Market Demand Analysis

- Jan 20, 2019 -

At present, the combined Mg-Cr2O3 bricks, directly Mg-Cr2O3 brick is our refining AOD furnace, large cement kiln burning zone of the main material. This kind of brick with refractoriness high volume stability of high temperature, high temperature strength, and so on. But Mg-Cr2O3 brick for AOD furnace linings and cement kilns may bring pollution to the environment without continuous corrosion and spalling resistance is less than ideal; Mg-Cr2O3 chromium is absorbed by the liquid steel in the brick, causing molten steel containing chromium Cr content is difficult to control while domestic chromite resources-poor, low grade, higher SiO2 content of harmful impurities, and the price is too high.

      Europe, Japan and other countries for resources and environmental considerations, and almost all of magnesia-dolomite refractories for AOD furnace is used as lining materials. Refractory materials on the environment pollution in the future, it will no longer produce, and limit imports. With China's accession to WTO, national environmental quality standards and environmental requirements will also become higher and higher.       Taking into account the limited resources and long-term development needs, environmental protection products will become mainstream in the future.