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Magnesia-dolomite Refractories Advantages

- Jan 19, 2019 -

Now with low chromium or chromium-free refractory materials is increasingly concerned, Western developed countries in the development of chrome-free refractory to replacement of chromium-containing material, through research and practice shows that magnesium is dolomite refractories refining AOD furnace, large cement kiln refractory with ideal.

Compared with Mg-Cr2O3 refractory magnesia-dolomite refractories, the advantages are:

1, magnesite, dolomite in the country is rich in resources, wide distribution and low cost.

2, CaO of magnesia-dolomite refractories to molten steel of purification, in terms of clean steel smelting, the dephosphorization and desulfurization of magnesia-dolomite refractories also has good effects.

3, contains a lot of free CaO in magnesia-dolomite refractories, high temperature has a large plastic, you can buffer thermal stresses due to temperature fluctuations. Good thermal shock resistance of magnesia-chrome brick.

4, in the burning zone of cement rotary kiln, f-CaO of magnesia-dolomite materials easily combined with clinker C2S as C3S, so it can easily hang up the kiln and kiln and brick combined with a solid, easy to maintain.

5, because of magnesia-dolomite Refractories in use or the use of bricks in the process and does not produce pollution. Based on all these advantages, the development of magnesia-dolomite refractories has received widespread attention. However, hydration of magnesia-dolomite Refractories in the CaO is easy to, of magnesia-dolomite refractories production, transport, use, brought a lot of inconvenience, thus restricting the development of magnesia-dolomite refractories.