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- Feb 09, 2019 -

Magnesia is produced in three forms: caustic calcined (CCM), dead burned (DBM) and fused (FM). The latter two are largely used in the production of refractories. DBM and FM grades are typically used in basic refractories in combination with graphite, dolomite, alumina, or chrome.

Magnesia is generally derived from the calcination of magnesite, although higher-purity synthetic magnesias can be produced from seawater or brine sources. Synthetic magnesia is made in a handful of countries and is largely accounted for by production in Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Korea, and the U.S.

China is by far the largest producer of DBM and FM worldwide, with over 100 companies involved in magnesite mining or magnesia production. The industry is centered in the province of Liaoning。So if you have this demand, please contact our company, we have absolute geographical advantages to ensure product quality.