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Where Is The Difference Between Light Burned Magnesia And Burnt Magnesia.

- Aug 08, 2018 -

Light burned magnesia is 750-1100 magnesite in temperature called "light burning", its products are called light burned magnesium. As the sintering loss of magnesite is about 50%, the content of MgO in ore can be increased by 1 times by light burning. In this sense, electrical grade magnesium oxide,  97 fused magnesia, 98 fused magnesia light burning is the most effective means of MgO enrichment. Light burning is also the preparatory work for magnesite thermal selection and some gravity separation. Light burned magnesia has high activity. It is an ideal raw material for producing high density magnesia. Mainly made cementitious material, also can be used as ceramic raw materials. After the chemical treatment of light burned magnesia, a variety of magnesium salts can be made, which can be used as raw materials for medicine, rubber, artificial fiber and papermaking. The product is mainly made of calcined magnesite by high temperature sintering kiln. The content of MgO is high, usually between 90 to 93%, is the production of ordinary brick and unshaped refractory materials.