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Liaoning Government Has Issued New Regulations, Magnesite Market Will Welcome The New Pattern

- Jan 08, 2019 -

Liaoning Province is a major magnesite Province in China, but also has a pivotal position in the international community. The state and local governments have constantly issued policies and measures to promote the innovation and development of magnesite. Since 2017, Liaoning magnesite resources integration has been put on the agenda. During this period, Liaoning magnesite mining company was established to carry out unified mining, marketing and management of magnesite ores. The market economy has entered the planned economy era. At the same time, environmental protection supervision by the central and local governments has been carried out at the same time, and the safety management of mine production has been constantly strengthened. Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Committee and the Liaoning Provincial People's Government issued the Opinions on Implementing the New Development Idea and Implementing the Comprehensive Management of Non-Coal Mines in an All-round Way. The document decided that from now on to the end of 2022, non-coal mines will be comprehensively governed by five mines, especially magnesite, and the number of mines will be reduced by half. Its contents are as follows: the reserve scale of newly-built magnesite mines must be above medium-sized, the minimum mining scale is 300,000 tons per year, and the construction standard of green mines must be met; the integrated and reorganized mines are encouraged, and the reserve scale of the mines after the reorganization reaches above medium-sized, and the minimum mining scale is 300,000 tons per year; the existing mines have not reached the minimum mining regulation determined by the plan before the end of 2020. Models shall not be renewed; mines that fail to pass the acceptance inspection shall not be renewed after joint field survey and verification by the departments of land, forestry, environmental protection and finance.

This time, Liaoning Province non-coal mine "five mine co-governance" proposed strict management of magnesite, then Magnesite Industry "small dirty scattered" phenomenon will disappear completely, initially establish a reasonable layout, saving and efficient, beautiful environment, safe and stable new mining development and construction pattern. The magnesite mine in Liaoning Province will undergo a major transformation. The number of mines will be halved and the market will usher in a new pattern.