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Jin Aluminum Refractories Increased By 15.49% In 2017.

- Oct 13, 2018 -

China Non-ferrous Group Jin Aluminum Refractories Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive refractory high-tech enterprise in China Aluminum Industry and Shanxi Province. It is a high-grade refractory manufacturer specializing in alumina, electrolytic aluminium, carbon, electric power, petrochemical and other industries at home and abroad. Furnace installation as a whole, under the following: heavy refractory brick factory, light insulation brick factory, unshaped refractory factory, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick factory, special refractory factory, fused corundum factory, special alumina ceramic factory, furnace installation branch, wear-resistant chromium ball casting plant, mechanical power plant, etc. Railway freight station and other 11 branches.

Sales revenue reached 122 million yuan in 2017, an increase of 15.49% over the same period last year.