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Iron Ldle Castable Characteristics And Ladle Repair

- Dec 22, 2018 -

Iron ladle castable uses high alumina materials as the primary raw material and refractory cement as the binder for the amorphous refractory materials. It is widely used in melt operation package, flow tank and work lining of various kiln, etc. It has high strength and refractoriness, and has excellent functions of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, penetration resistance and wear resistance. It has long service life, convenient construction and easy repair. It is suitable for all types of ladle.


Iron Ldle Cstable Characteristics and Ladle Repair Features


The basic characteristic of the ladle castable is that the operating temperature is generally not more than 1400 ° C, but the service life requires more than 900 furnaces. Therefore, it is necessary to have a high strength, a good flushing resistance, and an excellent thermal shock resistance. Participate in a certain amount of silicon carbide, which can improve the wear resistance, anti-scour ability, and restore some low-melting substances