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Introduction Of Gunning Mix

- Feb 10, 2019 -

Gunning mix or gunite normally refers to dry gunning process.

For application the mix is transported by pressurised air to

a nozzle, where the mixing water is added, and the wet mix

is sprayed on a surface. This process is widely used in the

refractory industry for the installation of new original lining or

maintenance of worn lining. Compared to wet shotcreting, the

gunning process is more applicable to smaller installations or to

installation with frequent interruptions. And it has the advantage

of quick installation and ease of set-up. The equipment cost and

manpower required are less when compared the shotcreting

process.1) The influence of cement content to the performance

of the mix was investigated by Gregory et al.2) In the traditional

gunning mix, silica containing materials such as silica fume and

soft clay are used to achieve the desired rheological behaviour

of the mix, thus increasing the stickiness and reducing the

rebound during operation. These materials are often referred to

as plasticisers. Silica containing plasticisers can significantly

downgrade the performance of the refractory material because

they form low melting phases when reacting with calcium

aluminate cement used as the binder. This reduces the lining life

of the gunning mix in the application.