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In 2018, China's Bauxite Imports Increased By 20.5% Year-on-year.

- Jan 29, 2019 -

According to customs data, China's bauxite imports in December 2018 were 7.24 million tons, down 5.36% from the previous month and up 1.07% year-on-year. From January to December 2018, the cumulative import volume of bauxite reached 82.62 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%.

In 2018, the import volume of bauxite increased greatly, mainly from the main production areas of China's bauxite mines in Shanxi and Henan. Environmental protection supervision, bauxite supply continued to be tight, and prices rose. Therefore, alumina enterprises turned to importing foreign bauxite. , the dependence on foreign bauxite is increased.