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How To Improve Zirconium Corundum Block Casted By Glass Phase Melting

- Jan 31, 2019 -

Segregation of Melt-cast AZS is also caused by glass phase. In theory, alumina, zirconia and silica do not exist in the glass phase. When alkali metal oxides (Na2O or K2O) are introduced, the most silica will enter the glass phase. The glass phase consisting of Na_2O is the key component of SiO_2 and AlO_3. The glass phase decreases with the decrease of Na 2O. However, the viscosity of glass phase can be reduced by adding Na 2 O.

Impurities such as iron, titanium, calcium and magnesium should be avoided. Impurities can increase the glass phase, but reduce the viscosity of the glass phase and contaminate the glass melt.

Silica and Na_2O are the main components of glass phase in Melt-cast AZS blocks. The content of SiO 2 and Na 2 O and the amount of glass phase. Strict control of SiO 2 and Na 2 O content is the key to ensure the properties of glass phase.

The main components of Melt-cast AZS block include plagioclase, corundum and Mullite with small amount, glass phase and pore. In order to reduce and eliminate the residual thermal stress, it is essential for Melt-cast AZS as a glass phase used as a buffer for thermal stress.

However, too much glass phase weakens the corrosion resistance. In the process of corrosion, the glass phase emits first and melts with high temperature glass, which will accelerate corrosion instead. With the exudation of glass phase, bubbles are released, which will pollute the glass melt.

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