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Green Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Become The Key Words Of Coatings Development

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Green energy-saving and environmental protection of epoxy floor industry will become the mainstream of future development. At present, the harm of environmental pollution to human beings and ecological environment is becoming more and more serious. The development of environmental protection and energy-saving coatings is urgent. No matter from the social needs, people's needs and environmental needs, the development of green environmental protection coatings will become. Future social development needs.

In recent years, in order to ensure economic development while ensuring better environmental protection, and vigorously promote the development of green construction industry, the National Development and Reform Commission has also formulated green building standards and green building action notification. Green building is a sign that the construction industry has gradually developed to maturity after decades of development. The root of the development of green building is building materials. In the past, due to limited technology and low enterprise quality, the development of building materials industry was greatly limited. As one of the indispensable materials in the construction industry, the green environmental protection performance of the coating industry has attracted people's attention. Traditional enterprises can not meet the market demand by relying on large quantity and low price. With the continuous development of society and economy, the coating industry has also entered a transitional era, from the past price competition to differential competition, consumer demand is also. From traditional functional requirements to individual functional requirements, green energy saving and environmental protection will also become the mainstream of future paint development. The implementation of green building will further promote the development of green energy saving and environmental protection coatings.

Green building refers to the practice of improving the efficiency of building resources (energy, water, and materials) in the life cycle of the building, to maximize the saving of resources (energy, land, water, money), environmental protection and pollution reduction, to provide people with healthy, energy-saving and efficient use of space, and natural harmony Symbiotic architecture.

   Paint plays an important role in people's life and is one of the indispensable building materials in modern society. But about 10 million tons of VOC are released into the atmosphere every year from coatings, which is one of the main sources of atmospheric pollution. In recent years, smog and dust storms have appeared in cities, and people's awareness of environmental protection has been constantly improved. The national green building standards and relevant laws and regulations restricting VOC emissions have also been promulgated. Environmental protection and energy-saving coatings with its environmental protection, functionality, aesthetics and other characteristics won the favor of consumers, new environmental protection and energy-saving coatings instead of traditional heavy pollution coatings has become the consensus of the whole society.

  At present, water-borne coatings are a hot spot in the coating industry. Water-borne epoxy coatings are substitutes for solvent-based coatings, and they are special substitutes because of their low VOC content and environmental protection. This problem is precisely the focus of people's demand for coatings, which also increases the competitiveness of water-borne coatings in the market.

  Waterborne epoxy floor coatings have been well developed in China. The government has issued the implementation standards of waterborne coatings. This gives waterborne coatings a legal coat. On the one hand, it can protect the production and development of waterborne epoxy coatings in epoxy coatings enterprises, and on the other hand, it can protect the interests of consumers. The perfection and guarantee of law will promote the development of waterborne coatings market