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Focus On Industry Hotspots And Open High-end Dialogue

- Dec 11, 2018 -

On October 27, with the theme of advocating "green building energy conservation, innovation, ecology and livability", the 2018 International Building Energy Conservation Innovation and Development Co-sponsored by China Building Materials Market Association, Architectural Design Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Construction Design Group, General Contracting Committee of Chinese Architectural Society and National Building Materials Exhibition and Trade Center The Conference opened in Beijing at Zhongtu Building.

Since the General Office of the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry, the industry has expressed its own views on the healthy development, but they can not do without green development. Now green development has become the trend of the construction industry. Green buildings are attracting wide attention from governments at all levels, real estate developers, investment funds, architectural design units and even the whole society.

This conference mainly exchanges and displays the latest achievements, development trends and successful cases of green building and building energy conservation at home and abroad, discusses the technical standards, policy measures, evaluation system and detection marks of green building and building energy conservation, and shares the new experience of developing intelligence, green building and building energy conservation at home and abroad, so as to promote me. Scientific and technological innovation in the field of housing and urban and rural construction and in-depth development of green building and building energy conservation in China. More than 200 well-known experts and entrepreneurs from home and abroad have exchanged views on accelerating the development of high-quality green buildings in the new era, promoting building energy efficiency, and promoting the application of energy saving and emission reduction technologies.