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Five Places In Xiaogan City Were Awarded The Provincial Building Energy Saving Prize To Replace The Fund Of 2.27 Million Yuan

- Dec 06, 2018 -

Recently, the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction issued the Announcement on Competitive Allocation of Provincial Building Energy Conservation Awards for Compensation Funds in 2018, which won 2.27 million yuan for provincial building energy conservation in five places in our city.

The evaluation ranks the cities and counties that use provincial award and subsidy funds in 2017 according to the regulations and whose annual evaluation ranks are "over-fulfilled" and "completed". The top 30 places are determined to be the award objects of provincial building energy saving 20 million yuan in 2018, and according to "great contribution, much benefit" and "completion". According to the principle of "good, more rewards and more supplements", Xiaogan City has been awarded 970,000 yuan, Xiaonan District, Anlu City, Hanchuan City and Xiaochang County have received 490,000 yuan, 310,000 yuan, 250,000 yuan and 250,000 yuan respectively, which are the largest cities and states in the province.

In recent years, our city has upgraded the building energy-saving standard, and has been doing a good job in the demonstration of green eco-city zone, green building centralized demonstration and high-star green building projects for a long time. Since 2016, three one-star projects, six two-star projects and one three-star project have been awarded green building signs, which have been over-fulfilled for 12 consecutive years. Goals and tasks.