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Electrical Grade Magnesium Oxide Is The Main Filling Material Of Heating Tube

- Jan 07, 2019 -

At present, as the main filling material of electric heating tube, there are quartz sand, alumina, electrical grade Magnesium Oxide. Why is electrician grade Magnesium Oxide the main filling material?

Mainly because it is an electrical insulator, a good conductor of heat, high safety, and the price is cheap, easy to purchase, storage and other characteristics, so in Magnesium Oxide in electrical heating tube has been widely used for a long time.

Magnesium Oxide refined only after 2800 degrees of melting point, crystallizing completely stable in the cooling block, due to the impact of cohesion in the middle part of the high purity (proportion 3.58-3.6). This massive hammer break out again after the iron mesh is mixed, filling material of magnesium oxide is now used, now use mesh specifications the 40-325 order. Electrical grade Magnesium Oxide is the main filling material of heating tube