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Diammonium Phosphate Demand Is Light

- Oct 22, 2018 -

International market: International diammonium phosphate prices are generally stable. On the demand side, due to the continued strength of the US dollar, the depreciation of the Indian rupee and other currencies was severe. Due to the large purchases in September and the higher domestic MRP, the demand for Indian diammonium imports was suppressed. China's diammonium export intention price fell to FOB $410/ton, but demand is still weak. Sabic sells 35,000 tons of diammonium to India at a price of FOB $420/ton . The industry is more concerned about the Indian and OCP phosphate contract prices in the fourth quarter.

In terms of price, last week, the United States Tampa Port, Tunisia, Morocco, Baltic/Black Sea FOB were USD435-437  / ton,USD 454-455 / ton, USED450-455 / ton, USD430-432 / ton, Compared with the previous week, they are all stable; China's FOB was USD410-415/ton, down by USD3/ton from the low end of the week, and the high-end was stable; The CFR of India and Pakistan was USD426-428/ton and USD433-435/ton, respectively, which was stable on a week-on-week basis.