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Dalian's Refractory Bricks Sail To The Russian Market

- Aug 12, 2018 -

On September 30, 2017, under the supervision of Dalian Customs, a refractory brick train loaded with 58 standard containers departed from the Dalian Dayaowan Railway Central Station, marking the “Dalian-Russia New Lipetsk” The refractory brick train was officially upgraded to the normal operation class.

In May last year, the “Dalian-Russia New Lipetsk” refractory brick train was officially opened. The train departed from Dalian and exited the Manzhouli Port. After 15 days of transportation, it arrived in Lipetsk State in western Russia. The class will implement a normal operation of one column per month.

It is understood that Russia's New Lipetsk Steel Company is one of the four largest steel companies in Russia, and there is a large demand for refractory materials. China is the world's largest producer of refractory materials. The reserves of magnesite (refractory raw materials) in Liaoning Province are among the highest in the world and one of the world's “four major mineral producing areas”. With the geographical advantages of port and shipping logistics, Dalian has won the favor of many domestic and foreign refractory manufacturers, and has built factories here. The opening of the “Dalian-Russia New Lipetsk” class has quickly transported high-quality refractory brick products from Liaoning Province to Lipetsk, a steel-producing region in western Russia, which effectively shortened the logistics timeliness.

The opening of Dalian-Russia's new Lipetsk's class has opened up a new channel for the Dalian refractory bricks to sail to the Russian market, saving a lot of logistics costs and time costs for both Chinese and Russian companies.