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Dagang Group Will Start The Relocation And Transformation Development Project Within This Year

- Jan 24, 2019 -

In 2019, Dazhou will start the second industrial park and start the relocation and transformation development project of Dagang.

"Dagang is not simply relocating, but rebirth of nirvana. At present, Dagang Group mainly produces building materials with annual capacity of more than 3 million tons. After relocation, it will upgrade its transformation to produce super-grade steel, develop vanadium and titanium products and high-tech products downstream of building materials. Liu Chuanzheng, director of Dazhou Economic and Credit Commission, said that the construction of the second industrial park and the relocation of Dagang are not only economic development projects, but also integration development projects of production and city, and environmental protection projects. Dagang was founded in 1958 and has a history of 60 years. Among the feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Team to the Provincial Party Committee and Dazhou, environmental pollution of Dagang is the most important. This is a major strategic measure to promote the high-quality development of Dazhou's economy, as well as an important measure to optimize the industrial economic structure of the whole city.

Next, Dazhou will take the relocation of Dagang as the breakthrough point, extend the chain and supplement the chain to develop metallurgical, building materials and foundry industries, plan to build Dazhou metal and non-metallic building materials industrial cluster, promote the adjustment and optimization of Dazhou industrial structure and industrial spatial layout, start the construction of infrastructure such as trunk roads and connecting roads of the second industrial park, and accelerate the formation of the carrying capacity of the park projects, so as to provide Dazhou Iron and Steel Group with the support of the project. To create conditions for relocation transformation and project residence; to guide Dagang Group to carry out capacity replacement in accordance with the requirements of national industrial policy, accelerate the basic work of pre-relocation such as project feasibility study and project establishment; to support and help Dagang Group to accelerate the dialogue with strategic investors, to carry out judicial restructuring preparation and construction according to law and regulations, so as to ensure the realization of the construction target of starting in 2019.

In 2019, Dazhou will set up the city's second industrial park and the relocation and development headquarters of Dagang, complete the industrial development planning, start the construction of water, electricity, transportation and other infrastructure, and take the whole city's efforts to build a new Dagang in three to five years.