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Current Status Of Silicon Brick Production In January 2019

- Mar 11, 2019 -

Statistics show that in January 2019, China's silica brick production was 82,700 tons, an increase of 24.74% from December 2018, and a decrease of 28.17% from January 2018. The production of silica bricks in January was the second lowest since January 2018, and the production of silica bricks was lower in December 2018.

In terms of regions, silica brick manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Henan, Shandong and Shanxi provinces. Among them, Henan Province had the highest production of silica bricks in January, reaching 45,200 tons; followed by Shandong Province, with a total of 24,300 tons; Shanxi silica brick production also exceeded 10,000 tons, at 10,800 tons.