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China Refractories Industry Association's Resolution On Tariffs Imposed By The United States On China's Refractories Products

- Dec 29, 2018 -

In response to the US government's measures to impose tariffs on about $200 billion of imported goods from China, the China Refractories Industry Association held a special meeting on safeguarding free trade and its legitimate rights and interests in Beijing on September 26, 2018. The participants included Wang Shenpeng, Liaoning and Yingkou Refractories Industry Association, Zhang Jiming, Shandong Refractories Industry Association, Li Zhaoxi, Henan Refractories Industry Association Chai Junlan and Guizhou Refractories Industry Association in Zhenguo. The meeting was chaired by Chen Jianxiong, Vice President of China Refractories Industry Association. Secretary-General Xu Dianli first introduced the situation that the United States pursued unilateralism and trade protectionism, ignored the basic trade rules of WTO, imposed tariffs of 10% to 25% step by step on about 200 billion US dollars imported goods from China, and included refractories and some raw materials in the catalogue of products with tax increases. In view of the impact of the United States government's willingness to increase the tariff rate on the export trade order of China's refractory industry and the damage to the interests of enterprises, Xu Dianli, on behalf of China Refractories Industry Association, put forward the opinion that "resolutely safeguard their own interests, actively voice their opinions and suggestions, and unite to deal with counter-measures". The leaders of the provincial and municipal refractory industry associations at the meeting briefed the local refractory enterprises on their export trade to the United States, and discussed the counter-measures put forward by Secretary-General Xu Dianli warmly and seriously. The participants agreed to make an appeal to the whole industry as soon as possible, and actively responded to the appeals to the competent government departments to guide member enterprises to recognize the United States. The influence of unilateralism on China's refractory industry has been carried out by the government. The government should unite, exercise self-discipline and work together to safeguard the overall interests of the whole industry. The summary of the resolution was as follows:

1. The China Refractories Industry Association, in conjunction with provincial and municipal refractories industry associations, informs the United States Government of the implementation of unilateralism and trade protectionism through websites and public information platforms, and imposes tariffs on refractory products and some raw materials imported from China.

2. The China Refractories Industry Association has responded to the demands of the industry from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the competent government departments in the main refractory producing areas. It has recommended that the Chinese Government raise the export tariffs on the export of refractory raw materials to the United States and carry out targeted counter-measures.

3. With the provincial and municipal refractory industry associations as the main body, refractory enterprises should be guided to recognize the dangers of unilateralism and trade protectionism in the United States, and unite as one, cope with them together and fight against them vigorously. Dare to say no to unfair transactions, dare to resist any actions that damage the interests of individual refractory enterprises and the industry as a whole, dare to terminate any related transactions that violate the principle of free trade.

4. Refractories enterprises should consciously strengthen industry self-discipline and consciously maintain the order of refractory market. In foreign trade activities, we consciously abide by the principles of free trade of WTO, operate in accordance with rules and win in good faith, and strive to create a good atmosphere for foreign trade of refractory industry in China.