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Changes In The Global Bauxite Pattern

- Dec 13, 2018 -

China is a major importer of bauxite. In 2014, China's alumina production accounted for 45.6% of global alumina production. Before 2014, bauxite seaborne trade was mainly concentrated in Indonesia and Australia. After the ban, the pattern changed greatly and the channels were diversified.
In 2012, China's bauxite mines were mainly from Indonesia, Australia and India, and the rest were from Fiji, Brazil, Malaysia, Guyana, Guinea and Jamaica.
Compared with 2012, China's imports of bauxite from Australia and Indonesia are all declining, imports from India have increased by more than half, and imports from other countries have also increased by half. At the same time, China has increased its imports from Guinea and added Ghana and Dominica. Imports from Malaysia and Fiji have decreased significantly and have not been imported from Jamaica. The pattern has begun to adjust.
Due to the Indonesian ban in 2014, the volume of imports from Australia and India has doubled compared to 2013. And the import pattern has changed significantly, and imports from countries such as Malaysia and Dominica have also increased significantly.
In 2015, affected by the rising freight rates of African Ebola virus and South American sea, the amount of bauxite imported from Brazil and Ghana in the first half of the year was very serious, and it was not imported from Guinea. The volume imported from Malaysia soared to 35.1%, and the monthly average import volume was about 1.32 million tons.