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Breakthroughs And New Trends In The Development Of Refractory Industry

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Refractories are important basic materials in the fields of steel, nonferrous metals and building materials. It is an important supporting material in the high temperature industry. The technological development of high temperature industry has promoted the reform of refractory materials. Now, how can we get out of the downturn under the market situation?

1. scientific and technological innovation: in the new normal situation of the downturn, industry development not only requires enterprises to realize intelligent and professional production or service through upgrading and upgrading, upgrading equipment and transformation technology, reducing production costs and improving labor productivity, but also relying on technological innovation, realizing green durable materials, strengthening technological innovation and production. Studying and researching cooperation, training new talents, further stabilizing product quality, and high-temperature industry common progress.

2.The management status of durable material enterprises is distinct. Through the investigation of the management status of the local key enterprises, the following characteristics are shown in the operating conditions of the key enterprises: the receivable increases continuously and the enterprise capital pressure is further increased. Especially the profit of steel, non-ferrous, building materials and other enterprises has declined, the ability to withstand risks has weakened, and the cash flow has decreased. Therefore, the refractory industry should be vigilant against bad debts.

3. The sales direction of the refractory industry, the original many refractory factories do not have a fixed salesman, the basic implementation of the contract system, according to performance commission. At present, the challenge to the refractory industry under the new mode of Internet opening is very serious. Nowadays, many refractory industries focus on one or two industries. There are a few things you need to do to survive the winter in a depressed market.

(1) set up a sales team of their own;

(2) the marketing model of the introduction of the Internet;

(3) Re-division of the market, each industry should have a corresponding person in charge;

(4) Consolidate the old customers and develop new customers while maintaining the old ones.

(5) energetically developing direct selling.

It is believed that the development road of the refractory industry is faced with multiple tests and challenges at present. But as long as the technology innovation ability, sales capacity and financial management ability are strengthened, the refractory products are transferred from the single pursuit of fire resistance in the past to many functions, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products. The development of industrial concentration and rational resources planning and other problems, seize the opportunity of industrial structure adjustment, develop advanced green refractories with high efficiency and intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection. Driven by scientific and technological innovation, it will be better to contribute to the development of the high temperature industry.