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Asbestos Board Is About To Disappear From The Refractory Market

- Aug 10, 2018 -

With the rapid development of market economy and urbanization, the development of building materials market has entered a new stage. Among them, the development and change of the refractory market is relatively slow, the rock wool insulation decorative board, which is commonly known as "rock wool board", still occupies a considerable market share. With the emergence of new products in recent years, the refractories market may be bidding farewell to the "rock wool board era".

Rock wool insulation board, commonly known as "rock wool board", the main raw material of the product is basalt, through the high temperature melting and processing of inorganic fiber board, can play a certain heat insulation, flammability, sound absorption. In particular, the rock wool board is an artificial inorganic fiber formed by high temperature melting, which has the characteristics of light quality, small thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non flammable characteristics. The initial development is a common application type in the building, which is mostly used in industrial buildings.

However, in the new era and environment, the actual functions of rock wool boards may not meet the requirements.

The working temperature of rock wool board can not be more than 400 °C, and the fire rating is only grade A. The Class A fireproof insulation board has a fire rating of A1 and can withstand temperatures of 1600 °C or more. It is understood that a class a fire protection and insulation board has passed the national authority of the inspection and identification, the product has more than 70 years of life, the theoretical use of the same life and life, even if the building is refurbished again, there is no need to replace the insulation, thus greatly saving the cost of modification.

And all grades a fire insulation board has the advantage of rock wool board almost all at a disadvantage.

According to the statistics, compared with the class a fire protection board, the water absorption rate of the rock wool board is too high, the strength is too poor, the compression ability is relatively poor, and the compressive strength of the rock wool board is only poor 0.06MPa up and down, compared with the 0.68MPa of the class a fire protection board, which is obviously unable to win the durable construction use and is not easy to apply. Construction, construction will also produce strong irritation to the skin.

A grand a fire prevention and insulation board not only in the fire protection, but also in the heat preservation, and green environmental and other aspects, also have the same powerful application potential, the future market development prospects are very extensive. By contrast, the rock wool board, which was born in the early 80s of last century, has indeed reached the time to enter the museum.