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Ammonium Sulfate Magnesium Fertilizer

- Sep 01, 2018 -

Ammonium sulfate magnesium fertilizer is a kind of high quality compound fertilizer with high absorption and utilization rate of magnesium sulfate as the center and containing trace elements such as manganese, zinc, copper and boron. Not only can it provide rich nutrition for crops, especially nitrogen plays an important role in the growth of crops. It is a component of amino acids in plants, not only constitutes a protein component, but also plays a decisive role in plant photosynthesis and chlorophyll components. Magnesium plays a decisive role in crop growth and high yield. Known as plant growth and high yield nutrients, the effect of crop yield increase is obvious. Moreover, it is rich in many nutritional ingredients, and it can supplement various trace elements to plants. The yield and disease resistance of plants have been greatly improved, and soil improvement is also very effective. Resist lodging.

Product uses: fruits, vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, rice, tobacco, coconut trees and other crops.